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Don’t Worry… be a landlord

Don’t worry … your a landlord

We can help. Rental Experts in business since 1989, has years of experience handling the tenant / landlord arena like the champions of the industry they have become. You need not be your tenants friend, nor their hectic time-short bothersome boss. We can help by taking the worry out of being a host. Rental Experts have the expertise to handle your properties, your tenants, your collections and your maintenance so that your properties require a minimum of your attention. We work at it so that your attention is drawn to one simple factor. You need only pay attention to your investments, not every late night plumbing issue or spending hours over payment books and knocking on doors to insure that this months rents are collected.

We can handle all your property worries. We will handle the maintenance calls, the follow up, the vendor bids and bona fides, as well as identifying the renters who have the qualifications, who will make the timely payments and finally behave on the property in a safe and responsible manner. These oversight tasks are the kind that normally takes up, so much of a tenant/owner relationship.

We have a roster of quality cost-effective service and maintenance providers so when we handle that trouble call, we know whether its a plumber or electrician they will be efficient, professional and cost effective.

Most people don’t enjoy enforcing rules and sorting through tenant disputes but these are the tiresome tasks that our over thirty years of experience has prepared us for, so that you won’t have to worry and sort through the tedious details. Whether its noisy neighbors or unwanted pets, re-keying a property or getting that air conditioner back online, who are they going to call – NOT YOU! (Thank Goodness)

The work of the landlord isn’t just building maintenance and sorting through rule breaking tenant behavior its also sorting through the tenant hunt and equally important tenant out-processing that can be both troublesome and time consuming. These and other headaches are off your plate, and into professional turnkey service. Give us a call, and lets us explain the details, of how we can take the trouble off your plate 877-665-5505. Don’t Worry be a landlord.

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