Although we provide a full service property management agency, there are still tasks we need handled by you before turning over your home to us. In order to ensure your home is rented out as soon as possible at a competitive price, we recommend keeping the following in mind before handing your property over to us for management and leasing.


Decide the Rent

Remember that the rent can be a deciding factor in how long your property remains vacant. Although getting your property rented out as fast as possible is desirable, you want to make sure you are not leaving money on the table. Although we maintain a team of experts who research the area and provide market rent recommendations, the final say on rent remains up to you.

Be Patient

Numerous economic factors, property condition, your individual floor plan, and property location or neighborhood can impact how quickly we are able to rent out a newly listed property. While we strive to do everything we can to minimize vacancy time, our business philosophy is to provide a quality tenant. While this may mean rejecting a few who would have been able to move in right away, the costs of a bad tenant always outweigh the costs of delay.

Clean Up!

As with anything you are trying to sell or rent out, appearances matter. Put your best foot forward by making sure your property is freshly painted if possible, pressure washed, cleaned and scrubbed before the first walk-through. Walk through the house yourself several times and spot anything that could make the home look uncared for or would be considered out of place. If you do not have the time or capability for these task, no problem, we offer these services too.


Monitor Your Account

We provide monthly statements to our owners to ensure they are kept up to date on their properties. If you should have any trouble with interpreting these statements or spot any discrepancies, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Do Not Neglect Your Messages

If something should come up, we will contact you as soon as possible. As such, be sure you keep an eye on your voicemail and email. While we will handle as much as we are legally permitted to, some things require us to confer with the owner, and in these cases timely response is paramount.

Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting

At the end of the day: you are paying us to handle your property management. As such, let us handle all the heavy lifting. While it may be tempting to try and form a bond with your tenant, we tend to discourage owner/resident contact. Furthermore, we very strongly discourage making any arrangements with the resident on your own. If we are left out of the loop on decisions regarding your property, this prevents us from managing according to your wishes.

As such, we ask that you let us do the work. If you wish to make a special arrangement with the resident regarding their rental or lease agreement, let us know so that we can provide recommendations and notate our records. By following this advice, you will guarantee the fastest results and be able to enjoy your well-earned free time.



If you feel you are ready to lease out your property, do not hesitate to reach out.
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